Jennifer Ledbetter, Founder

I experienced my first Reiki session 18 years ago and it changed my life in amazing ways. It is my passion now to bring Reiki to others and help them to experience wellness in a holistic way.

Reiki has taught me that unconditional divine love is the greatest healing energy. Reiki is divine, unconditional love on the move addressing stress, suffering and hardship.

When our life force energy is strong we are less likely to get sick and we can cope better with stress. Reiki strengthens our life force energizing our body’s own healing power.

I am offering the following specials to introduce people of like mind to the therapeutic benefits of some of our work.

Special $45 ($90 value) for a 60 minute reiki session including an essential oil foot massage
Special $30 ($60 value) for a 60 minute reiki session (energy massage)
Special $20 ($45 value) ionic detox and rejuvenation footbath
Special $10 ($35 value) med massager

Through the influence of the home life of my growing up years and the honoring of my gifts, talents and potential to be realized day by day, I learned to hold a vision of the highest and the most benevolent outcomes for all of us and for our Mother Earth, our Solar system and all of creation.

Since my teenage years I have been drawn to study raising my/our consciousness by going beyond lower dimensions into a higher vibrational frequency.  I find the higher vibrational frequencies are best accessed with a balance of love, wisdom and power within our hearts; making that part of my inner work.

It is my experience that we are invited to engage in cosmic work. It is a work occurring first within the laboratory of our personal beingness within God’s Presence at the very altar of the heart.

At a young age I experienced a growing desire to be ready to assist people who are coming to a point on their path where they must have a higher spiral of opportunity for:

  • conscious living
  • interaction with the ascended ones who are leading mankind to a new world of
    • Freedom
    • Enlightenment
    • Balance
    • God-centeredness

These are available to commend the soul and the spirit of each other to God, first through our inner work and then through our outer contact.

As a student of the ascended masters it is important for me to engage in daily work as I choose to be more than an onlooker at where we, as a species, are in the expression of our Divinity. I take up the upward leading path, which it is my joy to do. And there is a divine engagement, an RSVP directly from my Higher Self, my Buddhic mind, the flow of Krishna light, the stream of the Mother energy that moves as I apply the sciences I am learning into my

  • daily affairs of living
  • reality that I seek in the beingness within God, which all may share in through love


In the vision I hold it is the love of God, that Presence, that is manifest within every individual, within nature and within each one’s experience in their evolution.


An important teaching that I grew up with is that we can engage in the highest form of loving the Divine to the point of having infused within us the power of the Holy Spirit.


To this day I am affinitized to and magnetize to me those whose hearts are yearning for the divine experience, for the gentle way of kindness of the age of Aquarius, for the beauty of God found within the most simple and even mundane joy such as that experienced by a child, a babe or the childlike spirit of an elder whose years are waning but whose eyes are afire with the love of God.

It is my understanding that we all come to a place on our path where we either continue to look without for this experience of God or we have gotten the message and have found the Divine within to the extent that nothing else but complete identification with and love of God will work.. From that reference point, life becomes one of ultimate sacrifice (of our human ego), surrender and service through selflessness in our Divine Presence.

I was taught I would find truth within every religion at its core. Not expecting any religion to be the perfect religion I look more to ancient wisdom and the sciences I was taught growing up.

The Ascended Master, our mentors/ teachers are always there, ready and available for us, but we must reach out and up and in to feel their presence, to know their essence, to understand their higher truths and reality.

A deep reverence for nature is central to my experience. God has written within nature a grand syllabus of light. And there is within this cosmic outline, filled in by many creations, the essences of God as each created being plays out its life within the cosmic domain of the universe. And therefore when one penetrates, through an outlook of reverence, the mysteries of nature, when one engages in organic gardening and walks with God outside in the sweet places of light in the forests, in the hills, in the valleys, in the glades and glens, in a park, an oasis, there God is felt deeply because there is—not just for the recluse or the hermit but for the one who looks for God within nature—the divine experience present within the now, within the holiness of simply asking to receive, knocking so that the door may be opened and of praying humbly and singing so that God’s voice may be heard deep within.¹

The spiritual path is surrendering to my highest selfhood daily in some work for humanity, for the uplift of the downtrodden, for the healing of those who ill, for sharing truth teachings. I choose not to be a hireling just for financial gain. I work because within the work is self-fulfillment in God’s mission, which I make my own.

I choose to take responsibility and be accountable for my life and not give it over to others. This is what my taking responsibility looks like:

I am a seasoned practitioner of reiki focusing on assisting clients to live fully co-creating their highest and best outcomes.

I am passionately engaged in the path of love and service and in helping to midwife the world’s new creation stories.

I maintain a local wellness and teaching practice along with founding a nonprofit 501c3 called Caregivers Wellness Foundation while supporting six local “reiki shares” each month.


My mission is to provide tools in assisting others in reclaiming their original grace and destiny.

I am dedicating my life to being a vessel for divine light and love to benefit all.

It is my understanding that diseases, discomforts, and dysfunctions of the body are actually gifts. They are gifts created by our soul and by the divine. They are powerful gifts that are packaged in ways we cannot ignore…and because we cannot ignore them, we are given the opportunity to do something about them. It is here that I take up my work.

Preparation began in my youth and continues to this day. At age 14 the book the Stories the Hands and Feet Can Tell by Eunice D. Ingham started me on a specific holistic path of self-care and care for others. I developed strength in my hands and learned a deep appreciation of the human body’s design and capabilities.

I am married. We have 3 children and 9 grandchildren. I worked in sales for 27 years. Many of those years were in our family business, Employee Benefits of America. Our three children growing up were athletic and enjoyed being on many competitive sports teams which involved transportation to practices, games, and tournaments. Between school and sports we were on the go a lot and the time of our children’s growing up years flew by.

Finding time for attending weekend retreats, different adult workshops, and going on vacations helped create balance in our lives. The common theme for my interests beyond raising a family and earning income centered on tools for unfolding gifts and raising consciousness. Working with the healing and balancing energies of Reiki was life changing and has brought enrichment into my life and the lives of others. I took training to practice and teach infant massage. I took training to be a labor doula. I am a student of aromatherapy taking training in essential oils as the immune system of plants.